Why join sellstate?

Winning Formula for Success!

Before making a decision to start my new business, I did what anyone ready to make a change should do. I researched and interviewed with several well-respected franchises to see what they had to offer.

I chose to invest with Sellstate because their model is head and shoulders above the others. It is designed to help you succeed as an agent and scale your business so you can build a more predictable income that gives you a sense of security and freedom.

The Innovative Office

While a lot of brokers are going completely virtual these days, I believe a solid brick-and-mortar office is still a key factor in helping agents succeed.

That’s why, instead of settling for a fully built-out office with a less than ideal layout and location, I decided to build ours from the ground up.

In line with our company name, our office is an activity-based resource center designed around the work you do every day, with the flexibility and support to help you be your best. The environment is fun and focused on interaction, which can be in person or with virtual options.

If you’d like a tour of our new offices, call, text me or better yet, pop in to see me. I think you’ll be impressed with what you see.

Complete Real Estate Marketing System

PowerSuite is the most complete and comprehensive  marketing platform in Real Estate. m

Revenue Sharing Program

Would you agree that long-term financial security can be a rare commodity for real estate agents? Brokers don’t offer a 401(k) plan, vacation packages, short-term disability or even health insurance. Far too many of us are an accident or extended illness away from losing our hard-earned income.

The Sellstate Revenue Sharing Program is designed to provide agents with a sense of security, freedom, and vision for long-term financial planning. Last year, Sellstate’s monthly Revenue Sharing payout average was over $1,200. What could you do with consistent passive income right now, pay bills, plan for your kid’s college, or plan your own retirement or take the vacation of a lifetime...or just put something away for a rainy day?

It’s not a complicated multi-level marketing formula or a stock option program; it’s a real opportunity to earn passive income for life.

Are you getting your share?

Sellstate Innovation Training...IS HERE!

Whether you’re a new agent or one with years of experience, Sellstate Innovation Realty has a plan for your growth.

To get new agents up to speed and established in as fast as 8 short weeks, the Sellstate Career Acceleration Program is designed to do just that, and it’s state-approved for the 45-hour post-licensing requirement. It’s also fantastic for agents who feel they have plateaued and need better systems or want to scale their business to the next level.

In addition, we offer one-on-one mentoring, online training and have an on-demand library of training videos. And, our training isn’t only virtual, it’s also available in person.

What kind of training would be most helpful to you?

  • Proprietary 8-Week Career Acceleration Program
  • State Approved 45-hour Post Licensing
  • 14-hourContinuing Education
  • In-house Instructors
  • In-house Mentors
  • Coming Soon...
- In-house CE Courses
- In-House Technology Training

Sellstate Learning Resources 24/7

  • Icenhower Online Coaching, 
  • Training & Education
-Over 20 online courses
- Downloadable resources
  • Sellstate's Award Winning PowerSuite Marketing Platform
  • BackAtYou.com Social Media Management and Prospecting Platform

Join me for coffee...

Life is all about choices, so I highly recommend that you interview with several respected brokers before meeting with us. I believe you’ll find our revenue sharing program, commission structure, and technology platform are totally unique in our industry...and most beneficial to you.
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